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Relaxed style is here to stay–looks that marry fashion with comfort and make it look positively effortless. After the lockdown in 2020 many folks didn’t want to let go of a comfier aesthetic, and Easel Fashion proves that leaning into this comfy aesthetic does not mean sacrificing fashion. They sell flowy and playful boho-chic clothes that are ideal for layering and playing with fun combinations. 

The earthy boho-chic moment in fashion has been an enduring style since the 1960s. Ever since the flower children bucked societal norms fashionistas have clamored to get their hands on boho-chic clothing. Let’s break down why we love this style, and how to achieve it. 

Why Do We Love Boho-Chic So Much?

The boho-chic style has been a staple of the style lexicon for so many years. But why are we so attached to this hippie fashion? Is it the comfort, style, or vibe? Is it some combination of the three? 

  • Comfort 

Boho-chic style is known for long flowy silhouettes, comfortable fabrics, and easy-to-move-in outfits. This style is fashioned on hippies and traveling bohemian musicians. Clothing serves a purpose while also telling a story and being beautiful. Boho-chic clothing is often intentionally oversized and is quite comfortable for a variety of body types. 

  • Style 

The best part about boho-chic clothing is how playful you can get with styling. Mix and match patterns, layer on eclectic jewelry, and incorporate handmade elements into your wardrobe. Boho-chic clothing, like Easel Fashion, is based on the style of the hippies of the 60s and 70s who based their style on traveling musicians and nomads. This style prioritizes individuality, heritage, and ease of movement. Think sturdy boots or comfortable sandals, long flowing skirts, and loose-fitting tops made of natural fibers. 

  • Vibe

The vibe of boho-chic clothing, and Easel Fashion, is probably what has given it the longevity it has in the fashion lexicon. The boho-chic style invokes images of freedom, individuality, and a connection with the earth. Easel Fashion is a great choice for when you want to embrace individuality and a free-spirited nature in everything you do. 

The boho-chic style burst onto the scene after decades of more buttoned-up and repressive styles. America’s youth was looking for more freedom in how they dressed and the style was born out of that desire. Brands like Easel Clothing and Umgee Clothing carry on that legacy with approachable styles in inclusive sizing. 

How To Achieve a Boho-Chic Look

So you know you love the boho-chic look of Easel Clothing and other great brands–how do you achieve the full look? There are so many ways you can start to incorporate this boho-chic look into your style, even if you feel your closet is currently devoid of the style. Dressing well and how you want is important for your mental health. When you’re confident in how you look, you feel more ready to take on the day. 

  • Start Small 

The best way to incorporate a new style into your wardrobe is to start small. Think accessories; like scarves, hats, belts, jewelry, and bags. Have a handbag that has been your standby? Consider tying a colorful silk scarf on it to bring in a pop of color and a boho vibe. Incorporate in more jewelry with large stones, like turquoise, and bracelets and necklaces made of natural fibers. Get an item in a boho pattern that you love and incorporate it with the pieces you already have. You don’t need to change a closet overnight, ease into a new style. 

  • Embrace Comfort 

Easel Fashion is known for their comfortable boho styles, our favorites include their line of wide-leg palazzo pants in natural washes. These pants are an excellent way to start to incorporate a boho-chic look into your wardrobe. Their voluminous cut pairs very well with a shirt tucked in or a button-up playfully buttoned at the waist. Oversized pullovers and tee-shirt dresses are another perfect way to embrace comfort while dressing in boho-chic fashion. Comfort can be a cornerstone of your wardrobe without sacrificing any style. 

  • Express Yourself 

Boho-chic, and any style, at the end of the day, is about embracing your own individuality. Think about the pieces that speak to you, or draw inspiration from the style icons you have always loved. What is it about those pieces or those other people that make you want to dress like them, or pull that piece off the shelf over and over again? When you can identify what exactly it is that draws you to a piece you can curate the rest of your closet in this manner. 

Changing up your look can be overwhelming, but reframing it into something exciting makes it so much more fun. Embracing a new style can change your whole outlook. And when you look good, you feel good. Boho-chic is a style that complements many body types and can be easily achieved on a budget. Achieving this style can be easy and rewarding. 

Where To Start?

So you have all of this advice on how to achieve this boho-chic look and jump onto the trend of Easel Clothing, but where do you even begin with this? If you feel lost when looking for fashion inspiration, we’ve got some tips to help you look for inspiration and begin dressing how you want. 

  • Fashion Guides 

Many stores and brands will have blogs and guides on how to seek out these specific styles. Whether you’re concerned with what is trending in 2024 or something for all of your Valentine’s Day plans, you can find a guide to help you perfect an outfit. 

  • Follow Accounts and Influencers 

The world of fashion has shifted from the pages of magazines to the screens of everyone around us. Influencers on Instagram, Facebook, and TikTok are the style ambassadors now. This shift has allowed a variety of body types and styles to be embraced. You can find inspiration for your new outfit while just scrolling on your phone!

  • Look up Stylists for TV Shows 

Do you love the way a character dresses on a show? Look up the stylist for the show and find their social media, you may be able to find brands they pull from and inspiration that they draw from. You can even create a mood board for the way you want to dress, much like the way many stylists will for the characters they dress. 

There is inspiration everywhere. Looking for it shouldn’t stress you out! Think of finding inspiration as a fun activity, and maybe even get a friend involved. Dressing yourself is an extension of how you present to the world, make sure you’re being true to yourself. 


The World of Trend 

When something is ‘trending’ it may seem like it is just a temporary fad that will be gone before it even really has time to arrive. Easel Fashion is not that. Their comfortable boho-chic designs are versatile, timeless, and can become a staple in any wardrobe. Whether you’re looking for a whole new overhaul of your wardrobe, or just a few comfortable pieces you love wearing–Easel Fashion has a trendy piece that will stand the test of time.

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